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KICKBOX 30 small 

Kickbox 30 is the very latest Kickboxing series of classes being offered at Martial Arts Incorporated, Dublin 7. This is a high intensity, 30 minute Kickboxing workout. KICKBOX 30 has been specifically designed for the busy person’s lunch break. This isn’t a Kickboxing technique class (we offer those everyday too) and it isn’t a cardio Kickboxing class (we offer that too). It is 30 minutes of REAL kickboxing conditioning drills, bagwork, routines and sport specific exercises. Yes, it’s perfect for beginners. Yes, it’s perfect for anyone looking to increase their fitness, fat burning and toning. Yes, it’s perfect for anyone squeezing in a highly effective kickboxing workout during their lunch break. Yes, it doesn’t matter your fitness level as you can go at your own pace. Yes, there’s no sparring so injuries are greatly reduced. Yes, you can also attend our other classes too. Kickbox 30 is Real Kickboxing training in intensive 30 minute classes. Get in, train hard, get out and return to your day.


Martial Arts Incorporated Dublin 7.
Unit 5 Brunswick Court,
Dublin 7
Tel: 01 6776592 Mob/Text: 0879840013
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mon - Fri 12.15 to 12.45


Registration is FREE.

1 class = 10 euro

Pay for 8 classes and receive 2 FREE = 80 euro

No extra charge for any of our existing monthly or yearly members.

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